Energy Efficiency Certificate

The Energy Efficiency Certificate

The Energy Efficiency Certificate is the document that informs about the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a property. This certificate is required for all rental or purchase and sale transactions and for the registration of utilities.

This document must include all the energy aspects of the home, above all to allow a better evaluation of all the elements that make up the property.

The energy certificate rates the property between A (most efficient) and G (least efficient).

For household appliances, the better the rating, the lower the electricity and water consumption. The same applies to buildings: the better the rating, the less energy is needed to achieve comfort.

Why do I need an energy certificate?

In June 2013, Royal Decree 235/2013 was published. This approved the basic procedure for the certification of the energy performance of buildings.

According to this decree all users who want to rent or sell a property must have this certificate.

However, having the Energy Efficiency certificate does not imply immediate energy savings. What the certificate provides us with is essential information to be able to start saving.

In order to save energy, and money, the first thing we have to do is to “measure” the building, we have to know what our property is like. And, from this measurement, it will be possible to determine how we can save energy.

How much does it cost and who should carry out this energy efficiency certificate?

Unfortunately the cost of the Energy Performance Certificate is not stipulated by the government. This cost is established depending on the supply and demand on the market at that moment. The most advisable thing to do in these cases is to compare prices with different companies or request personalised quotes.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate must be carried out by an authorised technician who has the appropriate training and who may be an engineer, architect or specialised technician.

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