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Our Integrated Project Management services are designed to protect the interests of our clients, eliminating the usual conflicts between the parties involved in a construction project. We do this by reducing costs and deadlines with the highest quality, ensuring the achievement of the results established with the client in the execution of real estate projects.

To ensure that a construction project is completed on TIME and within the ESTIMATED BUDGET, with no final surprises and with the QUALITY standard initially established by the client, is our FUNDAMENTAL MISSION, whatever our degree of involvement in a construction project.

Gestión Integrada de Proyectos by G2 Arquitectura

Integrated Project Management by G2 Arquitectura

Types of Integrated Project Management Contracts G2 – Project Management Marbella


We will now describe the different types of Integrated Project Management Contracts we offer to our clients in the Marbella and Costa del Sol area:

Integrated Project Management – Project Management
Integrated Construction Project Management or Integrated Project Management extends throughout all phases of the project. G2 becomes the main consultant for its Client, taking on a consultancy, coordination and supervision role aimed at ensuring the final success of the construction project, understood from the perspective of the objectives set by our Client.

The Project Manager organises, activates and supervises all the activities, coordinating the technical teams and the different contractors involved in the construction project. Our work system through Optimised Processes avoids indefinitions, eliminates risks and optimises the Real Estate Investment, the deadline and the quality of the real estate project.

Ideally, the Project Manager should be the first consultant to join the project, to assist in the definition of project objectives and concept, and in the selection and contracting of the design teams.

The Project Manager coordinates the drafting of technical projects, supervising them through to completion. In parallel, he establishes and manages the Target Budget and the Master Programme of the Construction project, on behalf of and with the guidelines of his Client.

The Integrated Project Management Office will organise and supervise the process of tendering and awarding the works to the contractor, advising its Client on all relevant aspects, always looking after its interests.

During the execution of the construction works, the Construction Project Manager will supervise the work of the construction contractor and advise his Client on all relevant aspects and especially on economic management, real estate risk management and the progress of the execution of the works.

Integrated Construction Management – Construction Management

Integrated Construction Management builds on the principles and activities described for Integrated Project Management, developing in more depth and detail the activities related to the contracting and execution of the works.

In particular, the Construction Manager assumes the organisation, coordination and supervision of the contracting and execution of the works, in an executive manner, assuming the representation of his Client before the contractors and suppliers who actually execute the work. These contractors and suppliers are directly contracted by the Property / Developer, under the management and coordination of the Construction Manager, who directs and organises them during the execution of the works, with an expert technical team on site. G2 provides its Client with these Construction Management services for an established fee.

The control that the Property has over the works through G2 is maximum, achieving the greatest certainty over scope, quality, deadlines and costs from the outset, eliminating contractual risks and representing a significant saving by eliminating the step coefficients that general contractors apply on subcontractors and suppliers who actually execute the work, and having direct control over the administration of the overheads of the construction work.

It also allows to work with the so-called “Fast Track” system, i.e. to overlap the drafting of the project with the execution of the work, by doing it by “contracting packages”, allowing to optimise the global term of the construction project, maintaining a great flexibility in the decision making, in favour of the Property.

Contracting Management – Management Contracting

With Management Contracting, the project development and contracting management process is identical to the Construction Management option. The main difference is that construction contracts are entered into between the various contractors and G2, which in turn enters into a construction contract with the Client Developer, assuming all the legal responsibilities that this entails. G2’s management with regard to the planning and cost control of the work is the same as in the case of Construction Management, the objective being the minimisation of the construction cost and totally transparent management for the Client, with a system of “open books” that guarantees total transparency in the management carried out.

G2’s fees are the base fees corresponding to the Construction Management, to which is added an amount corresponding to the cost of complementary insurance and the commercial risk that G2 assumes. When invoicing the Client on a monthly basis (G2 sends the supported invoices coming directly from the various package contractors) to which it adds the proportional part corresponding to the fees described above, without applying any other pass-through coefficient or commercial margin.

Design and Build

The Design and Build approach provides G2 with the opportunity to be involved in the project before the design begins. The option of either a single price contract or a two-stage contract is negotiated, accepting responsibility for both design and construction. It provides a single point of contact for the client, improving collaboration and service efficiency throughout the property investment process. With this Design and Build system, the real estate risks of the traditional construction system with antagonistic interests between all those involved in a construction project are reduced.

Guaranteed Maximum Price

The Guaranteed Maximum Price modality adds to the Contracting Management the fact that G2 assumes the risk on the final cost of the work, guaranteeing the Client a maximum price that can never be exceeded.

The difference with Contract Management arises when, during the tendering process for work packages, firm bids are obtained for work packages that together account for approximately 80% of the total cost of the real estate project. At that point, G2 is in a position to guarantee a guaranteed maximum price for the construction project to the Client / Developer.

When the construction work is completed and the final cost of the construction work is known, G2 will assume the additional cost over the GMP, if any. In the event of a final construction cost lower than the Guaranteed Maximum Price, the savings would be shared between the Client and G2, at a percentage established in advance in the contract.

If you are thinking of Integrated Project Management in Marbella and Costa del Sol and have any doubts, CALL US and WE WILL ADVISE YOU.

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