Reforma Integral Marbella

Do you want to renovate your house in Marbella?  

There is nothing more satisfying than investing your time and money in a custom-made home. 

But in a renovation that involves installations, cladding or finishes you may have to do a integral renovation, which can be a big investment in time and money, but it’s worth it if you want something unique! 

The integral renovation is when all the rooms and their finishes are modified.

Integral Renovation

Your home or business needs a complete renovation in Marbella, where do you start? 

Here are nine quick steps to help you get off to a good start. 

From choosing a contractor to carrying out the work, these tips will get you on your way to a great renovation in no time at all.

1. Establish contact with the technical architect or the chosen construction company.

The first step in any construction project is to define what is to be built. 

Construction Project Management Marbella

This process begins with the technical architect or construction company, and includes measuring the plans according to what has already been agreed for the job in question.

Once the plan is drawn, it is usually handed over to a building contractor to clarify how the construction process is expected to unfold.

This ensures that all parties involved in the construction project agree on what is expected of them, at all levels of the construction process. Without this crucial first step, it would be difficult to successfully complete even the simplest of construction works.

2. The price of a house renovation in Marbella

Before asking for a quote, it is necessary to be clear about what finishes you want: types of flooring, kitchen furniture, etc.

You can ask the technical architect or the renovation company for advice on choosing the right materials for your fixed budget; however, their delivery times may affect when your renovation will be carried out.

The renovation company will give you an estimated completion date and this will be reflected in the contract as the number of days the project will take.

3. Guarantees from the construction company

Draw up a contract signed by both parties in which the plans, the budget and the measurements obtained and the plans are included. In addition, the quality of the work and the materials to be used must be guaranteed.

It is important to require the renovation company to take out civil liability insurance to cover possible breakdowns or mishaps that may occur during the renovation.

You can consult the professional and property liability insurance of the Junta de Andalucía here.

Oficina G2 Construcción

4. Planning an Integral Renovation

The next step in any home renovation in Marbella is good planning. 

When planning the renovation of a flat, it is important to make a list of all the work that needs to be done and to prioritise the tasks. It is also important to agree a timetable with everyone involved.

Organisation of the work and agreed deadlines are essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the process.

A home integral construction can be stressful, but with the right 9 steps and good planning it will be much easier!

5. Execution of the work in a complete renovation

Proyecto construccion Marbella

In a complete renovation of a house or business, all the physical elements of a space are subject to change, and all these elements of the project must be coordinated. This includes such things as panelling, flooring, painting and lighting. 

In addition, related licenses or permits may need to be obtained. 

For everything to go smoothly and according to plan, it is important to have a project manager or coordinator who is familiar with the process and can coordinate all elements of the project. 

With their experience and oversight, you can be sure that your entire renovation will be executed successfully.

6. Follow-up and advice on a refurbishment

A complete follow-up must be carried out during the development of the work. There must be continuous communication with the technical architect or renovation company in which any doubts about the project will be expressed and solutions will be presented in order to address them.

In addition, it is essential that you feel comfortable expressing your wishes and concerns, and that the architect or company provides you with clear and honest information about possible solutions. 

In the end, a successful project will be one in which both parties work together to achieve the desired result.

7. End of the work

Once the integral renovation has been carried out, the revision will take place and in any case, before abandoning the refurbishment project, it is necessary to clean your installations. 

We will find all the spaces and corners full of dust, stains and remains of cement or paint, etc. 

Reforma Integral de Cocina - Los Monteros Playa

We will have to pay special attention to curtains, blinds, electrical panels, light switches, ventilation grilles and window frames, so it is necessary for a professional team to carry out a thorough cleaning with special machinery and products.

 Finally, there is a third step, all floors, furniture and objects will be organised before delivery.

8. Handing over the keys of the refurbishment

At this point, it will have to be checked that the work has been done correctly and in compliance with the contract.

If there are no defects, the act of reception of the work will be signed, as indicated in the instruction regulations of the Junta de Andalucía, which means that the work has been built and delivered in accordance with the contract.

This acta de recepción de obra, implies a certain diligence, which ensures that both the contractor and the client are taking steps to ensure that the project is built to code and that any defects are repaired.

This means that both parties have an incentive to ensure that the work is of high quality, in order to avoid potential problems in the future. So, while it may seem like a hassle, getting a work acceptance certificate is a worthwhile investment in the long-term success and satisfaction of your project.


9. After-sales service in an integral refurbishment

This service is the image that the construction company leaves to its clients when handing over a work. 

This service is important because incidents can be solved even after delivery, aspects that will mitigate claims that may arise during the AFTER-SALES period.  

Therefore, the quality of the after-sales service is fundamental to maintain a good relationship between the refurbishment company and the client.

An integral renovation in Marbella is an important and interesting way to improve your home or business premises.

With the help of 9 Steps, we show you how to carry out this type of project and make sure that everything goes according to plan.

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Have you ever thought about carrying out an integral renovation in your home or premises?

CALL US and WE WILL ADVISE YOU on the possibility of improving your business or home.

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